WELCOME ABOARD. “It was a pleasure seeing all of you over Labor Day Weekend. We love every opportunity to get out on the floor of the store and see customers face-to-face. It was humbling to see all of the interest and excitement in the SMART Card! We’re excited about it too, and we’re confident it’ll be a great program for shoppers. We’re honored to continue to serve the community of Sitka and thank you all again for coming out to the store!” - Hames Family CROSS CHECK. If you picked up your card after Labor Day Weekend, make sure you stop by the Customer Service Desk and have your profile filled out, and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ number entered. Without your proper information, we won’t be able to credit your account with the miles you earn. DEBRIEF. Our point system is still the same; for every $2 you spend, you earn one mile. Can you believe those punch cards held $1,000 worth of punches on them?! Once you hit 1,000 points, we’ll add your 500 miles at the end of the month. If you don’t hit the point minimum - don’t worry! Your points roll over each month until you get there so you won’t have to worry about losing those pesky blue punch cards anymore. Although from the looks of it, you hardly lost any at all with the amount that was turned in. DID YOU KNOW? • We collected 3 reusable Sea Mart grocery bags with partially filled (and some filled) punch cards over Labor Day Weekend. • We printed 30,000-40,000 punch cards each year. Think of all the trees we’ll save! • 1,999 of you joined us Labor Day Weekend. Who was the one person who slept in? • We had 4 people signing you up for 3 days straight - and sometimes 5 people! • 1,600 people earned their 500 bonus points over the weekend. We hope your meals were delicious! • Current lead time for crediting miles is 4 months; we hope to have them all credited by January 1st. • You ate 6 cakes in 3 days. • Best of all… Mary will get to spend more time with her babies and grandbabies now that she doesn’t have to count punches! NEXT STOP. If you weren’t aware, Watson Point Liquors started accepting the SMART Card mid-September, and we’ll be launching at Market Center on September 30th. TELL US. What is the first trip you plan on taking with your miles?

Thank YOU for Joining Us.

“We’re honored to continue to serve the community of Sitka and thank you all again for coming out to the store!” – Hames Family

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