Why Summer in Sitka is so Awesome

Summer is once again upon us. Warmer days. Mild nights. Flip flops come out of hiding. Boots get stuffed back into the closet. It’s time for adventure!

June Photo 1

(Photo courtesy of Sitka Alaska Convention & Visitor’s Bureau)

We asked our Sea Mart employees, “What is your favorite thing about summer in Sitka?”


Almost immediately, “the weather” triumphed as the number one answer. Ede says, “Better weather means more hiking.” Sitka is in the heart of the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Temperatures holding steady in the 60s, light breezes blowing in off of the ocean, not too hot, not too cold…it’s perfect for many Sitkans. Svetlana loves the gentle summer weather and Carlos is looking forward to the longer Alaskan days!


What Alaska summer would be complete without outdoor adventures? From hiking to fishing, to camping, to kayaking, to hunting, to mountain biking, the list goes on and on. But, one thing is for certain, Sitkans love being outside, and a Sitka summer offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the hidden-gem, rugged beauty of our beloved city. Nick is especially excited to get more hiking in this summer, and Nikita is gearing up for another fabulous season of camping.

June Photo 2


During the summer, word gets out about Sitka’s sunshine and natural beauty. This brings in people wanting to experience it for themselves. Dennis loves meeting new people from out-of-town and listening to their stories. And Andrew enjoys the variety of people passing through. People-watching has practically become a sport in our treasured town. Downtown becomes especially busy during the summer, as tourists flock to the quaint businesses to fall in love with Sitka-life firsthand. And the aisles at Sea Mart become busier as both Sitkans and visitors stock up on everything they need to make their summer more awesome.

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments about why you love Sitka in the summer!