Welcome to our new site!

“She walks through the doors and grabs a cart. Heading towards the deli, there is hope in her heart that our famous fried chicken hasn’t been snatched up. Luckily, we made an extra batch that afternoon. She stops to chat with our Deli Manager, who also happens to be her son’s little league coach. “Looks like sun tomorrow!” he says happily. She gives an enthusiastic thumbs up and continues down each aisle, filling up her cart with groceries for the week. Once in a while, she catches herself singing along to the overhead music and starts giggling. Once she reaches the cashier, the first thing she does is hand over her Alaska Airlines loyalty card. She’s building up her miles each time she shops at our store… Hawaii can’t come soon enough. With a hearty “see ya later,” she’s off to prepare dinner for her family.”

We’ve enjoyed having each of you visit our store since we opened our doors in 1949 and we hope you feel the same happiness that we experience each day when we come to work. We wanted to bring that to the web so you could learn more about our history, our family and our amazing team members.

Take some time to poke around our new site, you’ll find easy access to our weekly flyer, be able to check your gift card, and learn more about the things we offer that you may have not known about. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Plus, we have more coming your way, so stay tuned…