There’s a Whole Year to Start Fresh.

New Year’s resolutions often fail; studies show that only 25% make it past the first week. The good news is that January 1st isn’t your only opportunity.

Many choose Mondays, a new month, or a holiday to make a silent promise to change. The trend in recent years has been a different resolution for each month. With these shorter blocks of time, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes closer and successful completions rise. Resolutions can become smaller, built upon one another or just changed completely from month to month.

Why the change in perception and motivation? People see their lives in blocks of time; a year, month, week, season, age; or in chapters; marriage, children, retirement. Each new block represents the chance for a new beginning, a clean slate and a way to put into action something you’ve been wanting. Because of this, many no longer set New Year’s resolutions, rather they seek out new beginnings whenever they are in need of a change. For our team, some are doing just that, the “New Year’s Resolution to not change.” As they grow, their habits change continually which makes it easier to stick with them.

However, many are sticking with the traditional clean slate at the New Year, with some big aspirations too. Max, our CFO, is striving to “Get Fit” this year through a healthier lifestyle. If this is your goal, you should check out @akrunners on Instagram, their photos will get you up, motivated and on the trail every day. Brian Hames (IT and Online Marketing Manager) and Andrew Hames (Management Trainee) both agreed to “read more books for their enjoyment” and to “actually take more time to watch all the movies they’ve amassed over the years.” Sometimes, good old time for one’s self is just what you need. Do you have a collection of books or movies you’ve been putting off enjoying?

Lastly, we want to take a moment to recognize Tony DeLong (Meat Department). He kicked off 2015 with the resolution to quit smoking and he is still tobacco-free this year! What an accomplishment! Sometimes, the best resolutions are the ones you never want to give up.

Share your goals with us in the comments below.