Try a fun DIY project this Thanksgiving and create a beautiful centerpiece people will rave about!


Plastic Wrap
Floral Foam
Fresh or Fake Flowers
Fake Berries (optional)


  1. Pick up a pumpkin at Sea Mart or carve one you have on hand, removing all seeds and scraping clean
  2. Add plastic wrap to the inside of the pumpkin
  3. Carefully cut floral foam to size and gently soak in a bowl of water
  4. Place inside pumpkin
  5. Cut flowers and berries to preferred length, if needed
  6. Place your favorite flowers and seasonal fake berries in floral foam to hold in place (once you place a flower, do not remove it or move around as floral foam will be compromised)


  • Soak the floral foam hole side down, and let it soak until it completely changes colors and the foam is absorbed. Don’t press down on foam
  • If using a clear vase, wrap soaked floral foam in a plastic bag, cut to size, to keep away from any dry ingredients, then add decorations such as coffee beans, fruit slices, or leaves for a fun, colorful way to cover foam

Voila! A gorgeous display for you and your guests!