Pack the Perfect Picnic for Mom

This Mother’s Day, treat mom to something she’ll love! We know breakfast in bed and mani/pedis are fun, but we encourage you to get mom outside for a little fun – and a great meal too! Picnics can be a lot of fun, especially here where there are so many great spots to explore and views to catch. Don’t let the “basket” bog you down, picnics taste great when they’re coming out of a bag or backpack too. Plus, with a backpack, you can usually catch even better views.


Picnic Essentials

The best part of a picnic is that the food doesn’t need to be heavy, plus kids can help prep the little stuff. We like to mix and match several different items to nibble on: a variety of cheeses and crackers, fresh fruit, hummus and veggies with pitas, mixed nuts (make mom her own trail mix), and fun snacks like spiced edamame or chickpeas. Add some meats like salami, prosciutto and sopressata. Fresh pickled veggies, jam and olives make great things to dip and wrap also. This is our version of the perfect charcuterie to go!

The Main Fare

There are so many options here, and chances are the family will be pretty full if you packed a large selection of appetizers. Get creative with your sandwiches and save space by making paninis or wraps ahead of time, they will help keep the load a little lighter rather than having a big hoagie roll. Skewers of grilled veggies and meats also taste delightful, they’re easy to eat and you don’t need to reheat them before you set off on your adventure. If you aren’t going far, quiche can be a savory feast as well, plus there are so many easy recipes on the internet to choose from.

kids in grass

For the Sweet Tooths

If it’s too warm, chocolate will melt – we know, it’s unfortunate. There are several great alternatives though. Lemon squares are light and fresh, and adding mixed berries can be a great treat in addition to the squares. Cookies like shortbread or oatmeal are really yummy too. Anything that can’t get smushed will do well, you just have to be a little bit more careful with the sweets.


Drink Up

Reusable water bottles can be filled with everyone’s drink of choice. Lemonade, sparkling water, and homemade iced tea are all great options. If it’s a date night for two, Watson Point Liquor also has bagged wine and individual alcohol cans that can be a nice adult alternative.

harbor mountain trail

Don’t Forget

You’ll also need a few staples:

  • Blanket, unless you can find a great rock
  • Silverware, although sometimes you can pack all finger foods
  • Napkins, especially if you have lots of dips and sauces
  • Plates, or you can just dig in to the Tupperware and keep it simple

Make sure you pack out what you pack in and have a blast! Some of our favorite spots are Totem Pole Park, Harbor Mountain and Whale Park. Don’t forget to take a few photos with mom too, she’ll cherish the memories!

What are your favorite picnic spots on the island?