On Giving Tuesday…

Fill the Bus

Strong community ties are the backbone of any family owned business. They become even stronger when you live in a small community isolated on an island. As our tagline states, “We Proudly Serve the People and the Spirit of Alaska.” The Spirit of Alaska is something you have to experience, the Spirit of Sitka is even more remarkable. There is something to be said for driving down the street waving to your neighbors, grabbing a cup of coffee that turns into a two-hour catch up with an old friend, and spending time seeing your community partake in the arts and cultural festivals. Sitka has been our home for 67 years, and this community has supported us since we opened our doors. We can’t imagine being anywhere else.Sitka Cemetary

As we head into the final few weeks of the year and turn the calendar page to another Giving Tuesday, we remember all of the fun we had supporting the great organizations around Sitka this year. The Hames Corporation has donated to 80 organizations or individuals totaling about $60,000 so far this year. We had some great fun doing it too! The cello player during the shopping spree was a first, and definitely not the last, of its kind. Giving the Welcome Bags to the Sitkan families coming to support their United States Coast Guard families is always a special day, we love seeing our community grow and evolve. Supporting volunteers, the arts, the animals, and the land we live on helps keep our town what it is. Do you know, we even occasionally get to support feeding the bears at the Fortress of the Bear? We’ve hit a few softball games, danced along to music, and supported local artists too – it’s been quite the year!

USCG Welcome Bags

Here is the rundown of some of the larger donations we made to our partners in the community:

  • Sitka Cemetery Association
  • Sitka Economic Development
  • Brave Heart Volunteers
  • Sitka Summer Music Festival
  • Alaska Raptor Center
  • Sitka Community Land Trust
  • Sitka Young Life
  • Sitka Softball Association
  • Greater Sitka Arts Council
  • Coast Alaska
  • Sitka Chamber of Commerce
  • And many more!

Sea Mart Specials Softball

We can all do our part.

Whether it’s cheering on a local team during a tournament; two-stepping the night away; bringing out of town guests to local animal centers; purchasing locally produced goods; or giving a hug, high-5 or smile to someone in need; today and every day should be about strengthening our community.

Thank you for your continued support of our community.