New Year, New Resolution

In today’s world, we aren’t very complacent. We’re always looking towards improving, doing more, eating better, and the list goes on. Although many resolutions fail after the first two weeks of the year, we still make them and sometimes we return to previous ones that we lost focus on. You’ve probably heard many quotes over the last two weeks similar to “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” or “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan.” Some resonate with us more than others, but they all carry the same gist, you need a plan in order to accomplish your goals.
Sea Mart Sitka Alaska Goals

A better workplace

Do you have goals at your place of work? On the Sea Mart crew, Cassandra (Deli Manager) and Ian (Dairy Manager) both want to improve their departments. Setting SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound – will help you create order, schedules and watch your progress. When setting goals at your workplace, break them up into smaller goals that will help you reach your larger, ultimate goal. Having a timeline whether via a special calendar or Excel can help you determine realistic benchmarks, so the goals aren’t daunting and unrealistic. You can also include checking your progress on your timeline so you can check in with yourself and see if you need to adjust your course.

Sea Mart Sitka Alaska Travel

A happier you

Living on an island can make you feel stuck sometimes, especially during these cold, winter months. One resolution we hear every year is to travel more. That is just what Joy (Front End) is setting out to do this year, and it is something that has worked out well for her in the past. When it comes to traveling, saving and careful planning are a must. At Sea Mart, we’ve got your back with the SMART Card so you can earn more miles; now it’s up to you to pull out the couch cushions and find all your pennies. Set a goal to save a specific amount each month before you go out to even one meal. Or try Redbox for a date night. Go for a snowshoe instead of hitting the bar for a game once in a while. You’ll watch your piggy bank fill up fast, and you’ll be ready to book your next getaway in no time!

Sea Mart Sitka Alaska Cooking

A healthier you

We’re all about the food at Sea Mart, and we couldn’t let this year go by without recognizing someone’s resolution to be a better cook. The kitchen is one of our favorite places, and we’re excited for Dennis (Asst. Store Director) as he begins to explore more. Our team is here to help. Ask us questions and ask us for recommendations. We can get you started on an easy path that won’t deter you from trying out new things.

Whatever your goal is, share it with your family and let them help you create a path for success. Have some recommendations for our team members? Share them below!