Making the Perfect Easter Basket

Every year, the Easter bunny sneaks into homes dropping off beautiful pastel and brightly colored baskets for little ones. Historically, the Easter Bunny, originating among German Lutherans, originally played the role of judge for children’s’ behavior at the start of Eastertide. The bunny carried eggs, candy and toys in his basket – all of which we still see today.SEAMART_EASTER

Trail to the basket

Rather than just having kids dig right into their baskets, it’s fun to send them on a hunt. Use little eggs or goodies or fill the plastic ones with a scavenger hunt to make a game out of finding the basket! We love the little chocolate eggs, it allows kids to have some sweets along the way.

Good mix of candy and healthy treats

It’s not all about the sugar. Rather than just big bags of candy, purchase some of the plastic eggs that you can fill and add a couple treats to each – this is especially good if you have more than one kid to make a basket for. You can really get creative and it’s a fun way to also include healthier snacks. Bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies make great additions. We’ve also used fruit snacks, grapes, nuts, cheese cubes, raisins, blueberries and baby carrots.


Get creative

We have several basket options you can purchase for your Easter Basket. You can also think out of the basket! Flower pots, toys (like a big truck or doll crib), and tin buckets make great baskets kids can reuse over and over again. Don’t forget about Sitka Sneakers – if your little one needs a new pair, fill them up with Easter goodies and just tie a bow!

Unique items

The unexpected always makes for a fun alternative. We’ve seen homemade rice krispies treats decorated for Easter, bath bombs shaped like eggs, a special sweet or coloring items – all of which make great Easter gifts. If you have a trip coming up (yay – miles!), find something your little one can use on the plane or when you get to your getaway!


Spring/outdoor stuff –

Outdoor toys are always fun too! Think about bubbles, chalk, bug kits, a boomerang, or a kite. In case of the rare sunny Sitka day, it’s always fun to have a few things to grab before you head outside with your little one. All of these encourage your family to get active and enjoy the sunshine together, they definitely make great Easter basket items!

Once your Easter bunny basket it ready to go, we think getting into the kitchen and coloring eggs is a fun activity to enjoy with the family. With so many options these days, you can really be creative. Traditionally, eggs were boiled with flowers to give them the pastel colors we are accustomed to at Easter and this “brought spring” into everyone’s homes. Fasters would then break their fast by eating the colorful eggs. It’s a little bit easier with so many kits to choose from these days. Share photos of your Easter eggs in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our social media!