Get outside while you’re at work – today!

With summer here, we’ll take any sunny day (or hour) to jump outside and soak in the rays. We encourage you to take a break from your desk this summer and get outside on your lunch break with your co-workers. We live in such a stunning community, it’s hard to not find a bench and watch the waves roll whenever we can. Plus, it helps build a strong team, and it’s even a nice way to have a meeting once in a while. Make the most of your time outside and make sure you’re ready whenever the clouds decide to lift so you can jump on it!

Mason Jar Salad

Mason Jar Salads

It seems like anything in a mason jar is popular these days. Not only do mason jar salads make healthy lunch choices, but these are easy to transport and perfect for a lunch outside. Some of our favorite fixings are egg, bacon, spinach, shredded carrots, edamame, cabbage, beans, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Wash and prep all your ingredients on Sunday so you can mix and match them to make several different salads available throughout your week. Don’t forget the dressing and fork! Once you’re ready to eat just dump in the dressing, shake it up and munch away.


Taco Salad

Did you know we have Taco Tuesday in our deli? Grab a container, load up all your favorite toppings and head outside to our wall to break up your day. Tacos can be a fresh and delicious lunch option. Plus, you can make it healthier by skipping the tortilla shells and just going with fresh veggies and meat. Bonus points if you snag a picture of the Mt. Edgecumbe view and tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

We aren’t the only ones who love our fried chicken. We’ve been told it’s the best in Sitka, and it wasn’t by Captain Sea Mart. Our fried chicken and sides make for a warm, hearty meal whether you are lunching inside our café on a rainy day, sitting outside on a picnic bench or heading out on your boat to do some fishing. Wherever your lunch break takes you, don’t forget the chicken!

And, don’t forget the sunscreen! Even on an overcast day you can still get a sunburn. Here’s to warm days and warm nights this summer! Share your favorite lunch ideas in the comments below.