Father’s Day on a Budget

You don’t have to skimp when on a budget for Dad, you can have a gourmet grill-fest with these fun ideas to make it affordable and still extra special! Think, bacon and beer! Keep it simple. Try a bacon wrapped steak for a cheap “filet mignon” or even bacon wrapped hot dogs!










How to make any cut of steak into “filet mignon

Try this simple trick to turn any cut of steak into a juicy tender filet. An age-old process that was used by kosher butchers called “koshering” the meat”. What is it?


A simple salting one hour before cooking and Dad is in for a tenderized treat (don’t forget to try it wrapped with bacon!)

Make sure you purchase the coarse sea salt or kosher salt, as this will result in the tenderest meat. Why salt? It draws out the juices and dissolves, which will create a brine resulting in mouthwatering flavor and tenderness.

But don’t wait too long! One hour or overnight is okay, but salting is all in the timing. Another magical salty trick is when you leave salted meat for weeks or even months, which will do the opposite and wick away all the moisture left in the meat leaving it dry-cured and delicious, in a different way!








How to fix up your cut:

Cover both sides of the steak with enough sea salt (1 tsp or more per side, depending on size of steak) to hide the surface completely (do not use fine salt, it must be coarse). Work the salt in with your fingers, gently massage the salt into the meat. Forget about it for about an hour at room temp and voila! Rinse the salt off completely and you’ll immediately see a more tender darker colored meat. Pat the meat dry and grill to your liking.

Go for gusto and wrap a sirloin with bacon, secure with a toothpick, and you’ve got a filet mignon” on the cheap!








How to make bacon-wrapped hot dogs

What you’ll need:

Hot dog buns

Hot dogs


Favorite toppings such as pinto beans, relish, onions, jalapenos, mustard or mayo

It’s as easy as the title suggests, pick out your favorite dogs, roll them up in bacon, and grill or sauté til they are as crispy as you like! Pile on your favorite toppings and make it your own!








Whichever method you choose, don’t forget some potato chips for an easy side, and the beers! Have a fun Father’s Day weekend!


Happy Father’s Day!