Behind the Scenes at the Customer Appreciation Sale

It wasn’t the first time, but we definitely had the best time at this year’s Customer Appreciation Sale. The whole Hames’ family came together to celebrate what has certainly become a fun and family endeavor. We appreciate each of you tremendously, Sea Mart Quality Foods just wouldn’t be the same without our community.

Sea Mart Quality Foods Sitka Alaska

Our favorite part of the sale is being able to take a break from our normal jobs and getting onto the floor of the store and seeing all of you, helping out our amazing employees and handing out high-5s with Captain Sea Mart. It’s fun to see everyone, chat and eat cake too!

Let’s elaborate on the cake though as we know it was a big hit with all of you. We each have our favorite flavor, right? Well for something like this we wanted to ensure everyone had the opportunity to not only try something from our bakery but also to have their favorite so we made sure there were plenty of options with vanilla, chocolate and marble!


On the flip side, the sale definitely comes with some challenges in order to ensure it runs smoothly; keeping up with the volume, both of people and of sales.  It means having all hands on deck for every department, especially during the peak hours between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.  Departments that have more employees are more flexible, but the departments with smaller headcounts can require overtime and unusual hours.  It was such a huge success that when one shelf was restocked, we’d just have to start right over again! We also need to ensure we order the right items well in advance since the lead times for the barge are so long so it can be a bit of a guessing game.


Unfortunately, we always run into running out of a few items. This year’s biggest hitters were produce, meat and grocery. Our biggest surprise was running out of things in the dairy department too, but we’re so glad that everyone was able to take advantage of stocking up on the items they don’t always purchase.

A fun tidbit for you, we had about 300 balloons in the store – plus, we loved seeing all the kids get balloons too!


Some of you participated, but we also ran some contests on social media. Our favorite was reading all the ways each of you says “thank you.” We heard a lot of that in the store too. We’re always so honored to be able to put on such a fun weekend and award the discount and the bonus air miles to help you all “get off the rock.” This community is our home and has been since the 70s, we love to be able to support all of you and the local organizations. From sending Native dance troops to events to supporting wildlife and charity events – this is truly a special place. We can’t wait to see you all soon!