On October 18, 1867, the US took formal possession of Alaska from Russia. On that day in 1867, the Russian Double Eagle was lowered for the last time, and the Stars and Stripes made their first appearance over Alaskan soil, for about $.02/acre. What a deal! The actual transfer took place in our home, Sitka, which is why we throw the best party to celebrate it.

This year’s celebration was nothing short of amazing; the crowd went wild for our float and kept us going through the cold, rainy day. Although, is there ever a warm, sunny day for the Alaska Day Parade? Our one-of-a-kind celebration has become so popular that even the Juneau Empire wrote about it this year. The community of Sitka is special, it’s why we live here, and it’s why the people who have left come back to celebrate and see their families so often. Once the tourists are gone, the local spirit becomes even stronger, and there is no better way to kick off “our” season than with a party – a party complete with a float that is.

Roger and Mary love Alaska so much they planned a special contest way back in March, with our largest social media giveaway to date! Can you believe we kept it a secret for so long in our small town? We were thrilled to see so many entries into this year’s photo contest and have so many of you out on the street cheering for the Captain and his crew as they went by – it was a super fun day!

So bring on the rain, the duck boots, and the coffee and scroll through some of our favorite images with us.

From our customers, here’s a selection (we wish we could post them all, they were so good) that includes our winners! Honestly, how cute is the little fireman?

Until next year Alaska Day, until next year.