10 Chocolate Treats for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is about so much more than finding the perfect someone to spend the day with. It’s about being there for your friends and family and showing them a little extra love, sending a card to someone you haven’t seen for a while, and well, in our opinion, it’s about eating food in the shape of a heart. Especially when it’s made with chocolate, and even more so when it’s warm and gooey.

Whomever your Valentine is this year – and maybe it’s you! – we invite you to feast your eyes and tempt your taste buds with these delicious, easy-to-bake, fun-to-make treats and put a little love in your tummy.

Captain Sea Mart’s Favorite Treats:

  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries – it doesn’t get much easier than melting chocolate, dipping and refrigerating until the chocolate hardens.Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  1. Lava Cake – a treat that is a little more involved, but scrumptiously good, and we’ve taste tested that it tastes better in a heart shape. Trust us.Chocolate Lava Cake
  1. Heart Shaped Brownie – grab your favorite box of brownies, bake and use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them out. Add strawberry frosting and sprinkles for a little added fun.Heart Shaped Brownie
  1. Hot Chocolate – we know you’ve seen baristas make those fancy hearts out of frothed milk. If you’re like us, a little artistically challenged, cut giant marshmallows out in the shape of hearts instead.Hot Cocoa with Hearts
  1. Chocolate Covered Shortbread – buy shortbread, melt chocolate, dip, eat.Chocolate Covered Shortbread
  1. Fruit Pizza – bake sugar cookie dough in the shape of a giant heart, cover with chocolate, slice your favorite fruit and pile it on.Fruit Pizza
  1. Nutella with a side of toast – no seriously, one slice of toast, one jar of Nutella, it’s the perfect ratio.Nutella Toast
  1. Oreo Truffles – Oreos, milk, chocolate chips. That’s all you need for these delicious, bite-sized treats. Although, they taste even better when covered with sprinkles, now that we think about it.Oreo Truffles
  1. Chocolate Donuts – the best part of Valentine’s Day…eating sweets for breakfast.Chocolate Dipped Donuts
  1. Chocolate Bark – layer dark, milk, and white chocolate, then top with sprinkles, conversation hearts or pretzel pieces for a delicious snack.Chocolate Bark

Have a favorite treat we missed? Share it in the comments below.