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An Alaska Day Celebration

The community of Sitka is special, it’s why we live here, and it’s why the people who have left come back to celebrate and see their families so often.
Quinoa Bowls

Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowls

Stay warm this fall with delicious quinoa bowls. This grain is the perfect base for many dishes. Just add squash, hearty veggies, seeds and nuts and you can create unique combinations to last your all winter long. One of our favorite combos with sweet potatoes is below, happy cooking!
Pineapple Ham

Mom's Pineapple Ham

Our very first “Win the Ingredients” contest was a hit. We loved hearing from so many of you and it was fun to see what you are up to in your kitchens. Our winner was a home cooked family recipe that we are sharing on the blog today.

Best Salt Uses

We know you’ve seen them, but do you know how to use them? We have many different salt varieties, and we’re here to help you navigate how to best use them in the kitchen.

Delicious Peach Blueberry Tart

Read our blog for ingredients and directions to make this delicious tart.

Eggcellent Eggs

We’ve teamed up with The Sawmill Farm to bring you fresh duck and quail eggs every Friday.