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Captain Sea Mart's Favorite St. Patrick's Day Treats

Getting picky eaters to try new things isn’t enjoyable, but with the following recipes we can make your St. Patrick’s Day more fun for the whole family!
Homemade Dog Treats

Yummy Dog Treats

Bake these delicious homemade dog treats for your pup and watch them sit, stay, lie-down and drool. They'll love you more and more with each and every bite.
Be My Valentine

10 Chocolate Treats for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is about so much more than finding the perfect…
Sea Mart Sitka Alaska Travel

New Year, New Resolution

We’re always looking towards improving, doing more, eating better, and the list goes on. Read on to learn how to accomplish your goals in 2017.

Baby it’s Cold Outside…

It can be cold, rainy and sometimes dreary during the Sitka, Alaska winters. As the holidays continue to quickly approach us, we encourage you to spend time with your families and friends while experimenting in the kitchen.
Hot Cinnamon Spice Toddy

Hot Cinnamon Spice Toddy

One of our favorite variations of your typical Hot Toddy. Just add cinnamon, honey and a garnish. A delicious beverage, perfect for the Sitka winter!